Good news! Annray Testing Certification has successfully passed the review and expansion of the national CMA system!

Good news!!! Recently, with the joint efforts of all employees of the company, Annray Testing & Certification successfully passed the re-evaluation of CMA qualification certification of Guangdong Inspection and Testing Institutions and obtained the official qualification certificate.


According to RB / T 214-2017 General requirements for inspection and testing institutions for qualification accreditation and capability evaluation of inspection and testing institutions and relevant requirements, CMA qualification certification experts have strictly reviewed the application from Annray through rigorous document review, on-site visit & assessment, employee interview and other requirements.


After two days of on-site audit, the review board has concluded that

● the testing instruments and equipment of Annray conform to the standards

● the professional and technical ability is excellent

● and the operation of the quality management system is effective, which meets the requirements of the qualification and the review criteria of inspection and testing institutions.

The testing items and capabilities approved by the review board are as follows:

● the testing fields of biodegradation,

● green express

● textile and clothing testing and inspection

● hard good testing including but not limited to footwear, luggage, toys, lamps, household appliances and other electronic appliances.

The successful passing of CMA qualification certification is a high recognition of the professionalism of quality management which exemplifies the comprehensiveness of testing technology of Annray. It also marks that Annray has successfully stepped into a new stage of diversified development.

In the future, Annray Testing & Certification will continue to provide global customers with high quality and accurate testing services and more “customized and simplified” professional technical support!