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Inspection Service

Inspection Service

Provide companies with biodegradable plastic testing products and services: degradable plastic raw materials, degradable plastic bags, plastic tableware, hotel and hotel disposables, geomembrane, plastic greenhouse film, cellulose film sealing tape, film materials, agricultural mulch, etc.

Main business: product quality testing and certification.

Business Scope:

(1) Plastic degradability test

--Analysis of plastic composition

--Biological composting test

--Biodegradability test

--Biological decomposition rate of aerobic composting test


Testing standardstandard name
GB 13735-2017Polyethylene blown agricultural ground cover film
GB 4806.1-2016General safety requirements for food contact materials and products
GB 4806.6-2016Plastic resin for food contact
GB 4806.7-2016Plastic materials and products for food contact
GB/T 16606.1-2018Express package supplies Part 1: Envelope
GB/T 16606.2-2018Express package supplies Part 2: Packing box
GB/T 16606.3-2018Express packaging supplies Part 3: Packaging bags
GB/T 18006.1-2009General technical requirements for plastic disposable tableware
GB/T 18006.3-2020General technical requirements for disposable degradable tableware
GB/T 19277.1-2011Determination of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability of materials under controlled composting conditions. Method for measuring released carbon dioxide. Part 1: General method
GB/T 20197-2006Definition, classification, marking and degradation performance requirements of degradable plastics
GB/T 21661-2020Plastic shopping bag
GB/T 35795-2017Fully biodegradable agricultural ground cover film
GB/T 38082-2019Biodegradable plastic shopping bag
GB/T 6040-2019General rules of infrared spectroscopy analysis methods
HJ 209-2017Technical requirements for environmental labeling products, plastic packaging products
HJ/T 202-2005Technical requirements for environmental labeling products

(二)、Consumer Goods Testing

Regulations/standardsstandard name
GB 18401-2010National Basic Safety Technical Specifications for Textile Products
GB 31701-2015Safety technical specifications for textile products for infants and children
GB 20400-2006Limits of harmful substances in leather and fur
GB 18383-2007General technical requirements for flocculation fiber products

(三)、Electronic and electrical products

Regulations/standardsstandard name
GB 6675Toy safety
GB 19865Safety of electric toys
GB/T 9832Quality and safety of plush and cloth toys
GB/T 30400Toy stuffing safety and hygiene requirements
China ROHS 2.0"Administrative Measures on the Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products"
GB 24427-2009"Restrictions on mercury, cadmium and lead content in alkaline and non-alkaline zinc-manganese dioxide batteries"
GB 24428-2009"Limited requirements for mercury content in zinc-silver oxide, zinc-air, and zinc-manganese dioxide button batteries"
GB/T 16716.1-2008"Packaging and Packaging Waste Part 1: General Rules for Handling and Utilization"