Laboratory accreditation certificate
Laboratory accreditation certificate
Qualification certificate
Qualification certificate

Sales Supervisor/Key Account Representative

  • Work Place:Guangdong Dongguan
  • Wages:Negotiable
  • Recruitment Number:2
  • Release Date:2021-05-22

1. According to the company's characteristics and business requirements, continue to expand new customers and complete sales tasks for the company;

2. Explore customer needs, find target customers, telephone or face-to-face communication.

3. Make appointments to visit customers, complete the order quotation, and coordinate the progress of the case with the engineering department according to customer needs.

4. Timely understand, collect, and process customer feedback issues to ensure the smooth completion of the entire case; provide product and process optimization suggestions to the company when necessary;

5. Obey the daily management of department leaders, and do a good job in department communication and collaboration;

6. Assist the financial department in collecting accounts receivable.