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Anrui Testing and Certification | "The Second National Biodegradable Plastics Industry Forum in 2021" Shenzhen Station was successfully held!

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On April 12th, the [2021 Second National Biodegradable Plastic Industry Forum] was held in Grand Skylight Hotel Guanlan, Shenzhen. Sino-Swiss Quality Inspection (Enrui Testing and Certification) was invited to attend this meeting.

1.jpgThis event focused on the connection between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. From raw material modification, molding equipment, to products, such as food packaging, straws, and degradation performance evaluation and testing, senior experts shared. About 500 people from Sino-Swiss Quality Inspection (Anrui Testing and Certification) and many industry authoritative experts, materials dealers and other well-known companies in the industry witnessed this grand event!

2.jpgSharing session


Professor Yang Qi of Sichuan University "The Crystallization Behavior and Crystal Form Control of Polylactic Acid"

Professor Yang first introduced biodegradable materials to everyone at this forum, and then introduced polylactic acid materials. Due to some shortcomings of polylactic acid materials, they had to be modified. Professor Yang shared the filling enhancement of polylactic acid. , Blending and toughening modification, and then introduced the control of the molecular chain structure of polylactic acid, the structure design and preparation of polylactic acid microneedle products, and finally made a summary of the crystalline behavior and morphology control of polylactic acid, through the matrix Modification and fixed-structure processing can achieve high performance of PLA products.


Dr. Li Fayong, Institute of Bioengineering, Guangdong Academy of Sciences, "Discussion on Technical Points of Biodegradable Plastic Modification Process"

In this forum, Li Bo gave you several major aspects from the current status of my country's plastics industry, the current development status and potential application needs of the degradable plastics industry, the current problems in industrial development, how to improve the performance of biodegradable materials, and the application of biodegradable mulch films. Everyone gave an in-depth introduction. Li Bo introduced that by 2020, the global biodegradable plastic production capacity will be about 1.2 million tons, with an annual growth rate of about 20-30%, and it is expected to be 1.8 million tons per month in 2023. Thanks to the global plastic restrictions and bans, the demand for biodegradable plastics is growing rapidly, and there is huge room for replacement in the future! In view of the high price of biodegradable materials, and the performance of individual raw materials have their own shortcomings, the modification of biodegradable materials is a very advantageous technical direction.


Professor Lei Caihong, Guangdong University of Technology "Synthesis, Processing and Application of Biodegradable Polymers"

In this forum, Professor Lei mainly introduced and introduced PLA/PBAT foam materials, high-strength unidirectionally stretched polylactic acid film, high-strength, high-elasticity PBS film, and high-performance PBAT film-level materials. In the first part, I introduced the preparation of PLA/PBAT foam material, the influence of foaming temperature, pressure and saturation time. Professor Lei introduced that 90-100℃ is the best foaming temperature range for PBAT. In the second part, I introduce the tensile-induced crystallization behavior of the two films at 70℃ and the mechanical behavior of the corresponding films. In the third part, Professor Lei introduced that the yield strength and modulus of PBS itself is still lower than that of PP materials. It is of great significance to improve the modulus and strength of PBS, and to improve the tensile deformation resistance of the PBS film. In the last part, we compare some properties of the fully biodegradable PBAT film materials.

Roundtable Forum

In this roundtable forum, the guests gave a wonderful and lively discussion on the two topics of "Future Development Trend of Degradable Plastics under the Background of Prohibition of Plastics" and "The Impact of Current Raw Material Tension on the Industry". The guests focused on the industry. The hot and difficult questions were answered one by one.