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Shanxi Province has completely banned the production and sale of non-degradable disposable plastic products from July

Author:yousu06 Date:2021-05-18 Reading:

On January 20, the Fourth Session of the Thirteenth People's Congress of Shanxi Province was grandly opened in Taiyuan. Lin Wu, governor of the Shanxi Provincial People's Government, made a government work report.Since July 1st, Shanxi has completely banned the production, sale and use of non-degradable disposable plastic products.


In 2021, promote the overall green transformation of the economy and society, and accelerate the construction of beautiful Shanxi.

[1] In-depth promotion of ecological restoration and management of the "two mountains and seven rivers".

Fully implement the ecological protection and high-quality development strategy of the Yellow River Basin, and carry out ecological restoration of historical mines in key areas of the Yellow River Basin. The reform of the forest tenure system has promoted the greening of the country and completed the afforestation of 4 million mu. Complete the ecological protection and restoration project of mountains, waters, forests, fields, lakes and grasses in the middle and upper reaches of the Fenhe River on schedule. Solidly promote the construction of a demonstration zone in the 100-kilometer middle reaches of the Fen River, and use the Fen River to drive the protection and management of other six rivers, five lakes, large springs, and wetlands. A batch of dry farming terraces, silt dams and other soil and water conservation projects were implemented, and 5.25 million mu of soil erosion control was completed.

[2] Consolidate and expand the results of pollution prevention and control.

Effectively improve the ambient air quality. Complete the ultra-low emission transformation of steel complexes, start the implementation of ultra-low emission transformation of coking and other industries, and promote the comprehensive treatment of industrial furnaces and volatile organic compounds throughout the process. Strengthen site management. Completed clean heating renovation in built-up areas of districted cities and counties (cities), urban-rural junctions, and plain areas in 8 key cities. Promote the "Railway to Railway", eliminate the diesel trucks of the national three and below operating categories, and use new energy vehicles for all new and updated vehicles such as urban buses, taxis, and environmental sanitation. Vigorously promote bulk container transportation. Strengthen dust control. Strengthen the coordinated control of multiple pollutants and coordinated regional governance. Steadily improve the quality of water ecology. Strengthen wastewater treatment in industrial agglomeration areas, increase urban domestic sewage treatment capacity by 210,000 cubic meters per day, strengthen domestic sewage treatment in rural areas along the river, and ensure that the surface water section of the national examination is stable and meets the standard. Strengthen the protection of drinking water sources and the prevention and control of groundwater pollution. Do a solid job in remediation and treatment of contaminated soil.

[3] Accelerate the promotion of green and low-carbon development.

Implement the "three lines and one order" and establish an ecological environment zoning management and control system. In-depth implementation of dual energy consumption control actions to promote resource conservation and intensive recycling. Adhere to the use of water to determine the city, the water to determine the land, the water to determine the person, and the water to determine the production, coordinate the promotion of the "five water comprehensive reform", promote the water right confirmation registration and transaction management, and the reform of water conservancy investment and financing. Increase the comprehensive utilization of solid waste. Speed up garbage classification and reduce the utilization of resources. Promote green planning, green design, green investment, green construction, green production, green circulation, green life, and green consumption throughout the entire process.From July 1st, the production, sale and use of non-degradable disposable plastic products will be completely banned.