Laboratory accreditation certificate
Laboratory accreditation certificate
Qualification certificate
Qualification certificate

Personnel Specialist

  • Work Place:Guangdong Dongguan
  • Wages:Negotiable
  • Recruitment Number:1
  • Release Date:2021-05-22

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the company's personnel recruitment;

2. Responsible for drafting recruitment plan, organizing and implementing recruitment activities;

3. Maintain recruitment channels, release requirements, screen resumes, and recommend suitable candidates;

4. Responsible for interview invitation, arrangement and reception, initial interview, interview result tracking and data archiving of candidates;

5. Handle staff recruitment, transfer, rewards and punishments, and resignation procedures;

6. Responsible for the statistics of staff attendance;

7. Responsible for the handling of company employee welfare, social insurance, and annual labor inspection;

8. Familiar with enterprise training needs survey techniques and methods, have experience in formulating annual training plans, have rich experience in planning, implementation, and monitoring of training activities, and master training effect evaluation methods;

9. Assist in carrying out special work of the department and other matters assigned by the leader.